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cement logic

We are builders based in Youngstown, Ohio. We handle anything from small remodeling projects to full home design-build. We will take on any size project and have a special place in our hearts for serving each clients individual interests and needs.

We have generations of experience building structures and understand that careful attention to detail as well as pride in the overall outcome are the only ways to achieve a successful building project. We have a passion for architecture and engineering principles and how these create the successes and failures of the various building practices used over time. This motivates and drives us to build things carefully, and properly for everyday people. We are very committed to continued research and training in current industry standards and product awareness. We are slightly old school, but completely open to innovative, green products. We are able to confidently stand behind all of our craftsmanship because of the patient attention to detail that we focus on beneath the surface. We proudly use nothing but the industry's best installation materials and products. Our pinnacle focus is to push the building and construction products industry forward by utilizing the newest design technologies while keeping as our backbone, the construction methods that have worked best for thousands of years. 

We are always exploring endless possibilities in the world of pre-cast, decorative concrete.We are very open to new creative ideas and look forward to working with you personally on your next project. 

Thank you for your interest in our services. Please take the time to look at some of our work. Click the button below to talk to us today.